Jul 12, 2010

Free Ice Cream for Your Smile

And finally augmented reality is having a stronger place in our daily lives. The last project was by Unilever and SapientNitro. They’ve developed what they’re calling the world’s first smile-activated vending machine.
The machine uses augmented reality to draw passersby into a branded world — i.e. when one looks at the screen at the front of the machine, one’s face is outfitted with mustaches or so...
After it prompts you to smile, the dessert-vending device measures the wideness of your grin using facial recognition technology, snaps a pic, and, with your permission, uploads that snap to facebook. (Here's the facebook page; Cannes Sapient Nitro’s Facebook Page). Next, you choose the free treat of your choice via the touchscreen and collect your sweet reward. (Treats will only be free at Cannes.)
Simples :)