Mar 28, 2010

Some More Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is one of a number of new technologies that are going directly into our daily lives in 2010.

A Happy Passover Video from Saatchi&Saatchi Israel; Augmented reality on a Matza.

A great implementation from AID-DCC & Katamari was to celebrate the new year (2009)

I still have people asking me about what real life implications of Augmented Reality can be. Here's an example from Sweden;

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Mar 25, 2010

How Do You Show Support For Someone Who Can't See?

What a beautiful project from Australia;
Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne created a unique fragrance, Support Scent, which, when worn by a person would make those with impaired vision aware of the support they are receiving, via sense of smell.

The agency teamed with Australian cosmetics brand KIT cosmetics to develop the scent, with all proceeds benefiting Guide Dogs Australia. Check the spot below;

Full Credits:
Agency: Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne
Client: Guide Dogs Australia
Excecutive Creative Director: Ant Keogh
Interactive Creative Director: Damian Royce
Creative: Tom Martin
Creative: Julian Schreiber
Agency Producer: Sevda Cemo
Agency Project Manager: Sevda Cemo
Interactive Producer: Sam Hodgson
Date: Mar 17, 2010

Mar 24, 2010

Scream As Loud As You Can!

Sometimes all you need is some inspiration. I'm quite sure that "Big Screams" that was created by Elie Zananiri, will be your remedy! The idea is simple scream until you push everyone else off :) Nice project.

Control a character on screen using your phone!
Scream as loud as you can to push everyone else off and be the last one standing
Big Screams was presented in the Big Screens show at the IAC Building on December4 2009. Watch the video for the rest.

Mar 21, 2010

How To Destroy Ur Brand With your Own Fingers; Nestle

Nestle is the new anti-hero of online social media nowadays. It all started with the Greenpeace's anti Nestle (KitKat) video this week (embedded below), that is to target the company for poor environmental practices relating to the use of Palm oil and deforestation issues. The subject became the storm of user comments and attacks via Twitter and Facebook in a very short period of time. And as a result, people started to change their profile pictures to Killer Nestle logos. As a result of this big social revolt, the brand panicked and they started to act with a hostile approach to deal with the situation; they started to delete people's comments and posts with Nestle Killer logo on their facebook fan page.
Here's their public announcement; "...please don't post using an altered version of any of our logos as your profile pic - they will be deleted."

And after observing people's reactions, the brand changed its opinion again and had a step backwards.

It is such an interesting case to follow from now on. The brand still has more than 92 thousand facebook fans, I wouldn't be surprised if tomorrow the brand has only their employees as fans which shall not be more than a thousand.
And of course we should give Greenpeace the credit for that successful campaign as well... They also added a page on their web sites, where you can write to the CEO of Nestle.

Have a break? from Greenpeace UK on Vimeo.

Mar 18, 2010

Kingsmill Confessions, hmm??

How to react if your campaign is not going well? To close your eyes, ears and continue like nothing happened and everything is perfect, or to reconsider it?
Kingsmill is the perfect case to follow from now on; they launched the £11m ad campaign "Confessions" in September 2009 in UK. After the launch, Kingsmill Marketing Controller Michael Harris stated that; "The new creatives, not only represent one of Kingsmill's largest ever investments, they also reflect our understanding of the modern day family. We’re confident that these new creatives, showcasing cheeky family fun, will reflect the Kingsmill brand personality, and achieve strong cut-through and differentiation within the market. The campaign will extend well beyond TV advertising into other media. For example, online at, where consumers will be invited to share their own confessions and listen to other peoples."
Ok it looks like a regular speech from the marketing team of a brand in case of a launch/relaunch. First watch the creative below if you haven't seen the ads yet;

But it seems that the audience didn't agree and not responded to the campaign, or if responded not in a good way. Kingsmill brand personality seems to be out of fashion or boring according to online comments of "the modern day family" or its members. The last but not the least launching a web site that does support your TV campaign does not mean you are going online. Going online means much more than having a specific web site about your product/campaign... Just to state some realistic numbers;
  • The campaign still goes on and the confession videos uploaded to Youtube is less than 20.(It's been 6 months now)
  • The alexa ranking of the campaign web site is really really low.
  • 3 anti groups against Kingsmill's new campaign with a total of more than 200 fans on facebook.
  • No pro groups about it.
  • Not much tweets about it.
  • The blog coverage about the campaign is generally not positive.
And the campaign still continues which obviously have a negative effect on brand's reputation or no effect at all which, may be considered worst...
I will be following this campaign and its results, follow fitloose...
Drop me a line if you have any comments below.

Mar 17, 2010

Kogi BBQ; A Success Story

You must have noticed that I participated to Socialmedia world forum europe this week. One of the speakers mentioned about american Kogi as a successful social media user brand. And of course that caught my attention immediately. A little bit late but better than never.

Kogi's founders are named as social-network entrepreneurs.
How it happened? They bought a taco truck, created a perfect menu by combining Mexican and Korean cuisines, and used twitter to reach their audience and to create a huge amount of loyal followers (Now: 58,320). It sounded unbelievable? So see with your eyes below; (Click to follow Kogi on Twitter)

Mar 15, 2010

#smwf Live; Alex Miller, Head of jam

Social Media is out of control!
So many facebook apps but;
Kingsmill Confession campaign just didn't work. (Thanks someone said it out loud:))
And how their experience with next ended up to be a success by asking the right questions, building better relationships with customers, listening to feedback, measuring effectiveness... Below is the brief slide;

#smwf Live; Trevor Johnson, Head of Strategy & Planning, EMEA, facebook

The World's gone social.
Farmville; you have got real farmers who are playing virtual farming game (Farmville) on Facebook.
Starbucks is the biggest brand with 6.1million of fans on Facebook.

Facebook is a platform.
Burglars on facebook.
Social changes everything.
The first banner from 90s. 
Facebook pages are about publishing. So brands have to change their point of view to facebook.
80million active users of Farmville.
The virtual economy will worth 160bn

#smwf Live; Kevin Eyres, MD Linkedin Europe

Kevin Eyres, MD Linkedin Europe;
  • We are overloaded with information. 76,000,000,000 emails everyday. We live in a global economy we have an access to www.
  • Voice, Identity & Filter; Many id on web is anonymous. Eg: Yahoo Answers, etc... "It's not what u know, it's who you know." "'s who and what they know as well."
  • Sharing knowledge is powerful.
  • Social aware; MS Outlook (I can now know who they are) applications are becoming socially aware and it will be more and more aware. If expedia know who I am then the whole process will be more efficient.  
  • Accidental Entrepreneur; a journalist from Norway. He got an iPhone. He posted a discussion on LinkedIn. Anyone who knows anything about how to long my battery life? And someone from China replied. After some conversations; he purchased and solved the problem! Then new people asked for batteries; and here's the Norwegian journalist became a battery seller. An accidental entrepreneur... Really think about the potential. Use twitter as a customer management tool. Dell does that. 
  • Knowledge filter; how in my business can I do in my business as well? The geography of country boundaries doesn't really exist on web. No more local businesses, old School!  How can my business embrace social and adapt my business into the new social network.
Was a great speech indeed. 

Mar 12, 2010

OMG! A Perfect Installation: Mind The Homeless

This perfect implementation comes from Sarkissian Mason for Pathways to Housing. We are always with the technology and creative implementations of it but this one is really A level! A call to action for a good reason! Send a text to get a homeless off of streets. Perfect!

Mind The Cyclists

Again a great work from the Transport for London, created by WCRS, London;

Full Credits:
Agency: WCRS, London
Client: Transport for London
Director: Dom & Nic
Production Company: Outsider
Date: 10 Mar 2010
Category: TVC

Mar 10, 2010

Brand New Campaign: IKEA Silent Messages

The first implementation of the campaign was IKEA Shit. And loved it! A silent but effective message from furniture.
And the campaign's aim is of course to promote the assembling service from IKEA in Germany. The OOPS version is also very relevant; I'm sure it happened at least once to everybody who tried to put together any DIY furniture. Or is it just me???


Full Credits
Agency: Grabarz & Partner (And you may like to check their website as well, no English version though)
Client: IKEA
Date: Mar 09, 2010
Category: Poster, Print Ad

Mar 8, 2010

Creativity 50 - 2010 List Announced

Who wouldn't like to be on that fame list?? Ad Age and Creativity's annual list of the most influential and inspiring creative personalities of 2009 has been announced.

Of course we have some highlights;
First; the art director/copywriter from Wieden & Kennedy, Portland, Ore: Eric Kallman and Craig Allen. Just watch the Old Spice ad (The Man Your Man Could Smell Like ) created by the pair and no need for further comments, we guess. 

The second star of the list for us is again a Swedish electronic artist Karin Dreijer Andersson, you may know her as Fever Ray. Her music is one of our favorites which can be listened below, but she deserved the creativity award with her creative acceptance speech. Quite different from the one of Sandra Bullock's or Kathryn Bigelow's Oscar ones that we have seen yesterday.
Here Before by Fever Ray

The last but not the least of our highlight list is; Keith Schofield. Yeah the great director of famous Diesel's SFW XXX ad. You may check all his work from here but we would like to focus on the great video of Beck and Charlotte Gainsbourg's Heaven Can Wait. 

Click to read the whole list of Ad Age and Creativity.

Mar 6, 2010

A Success Story from Japan

Ok we all know the good old saying; "Think global, act local" and we also know that some major brands like McDonald's, Coca Cola, are the best implementers of that concept. No need for details.
But when it comes to Japan, the localized products sound a little bit different.
The first one is Pepsi's Cucumber flavored soft drink. Not new, but should be mentioned. Launched in 2007, tastes like melon and cucumber. Sold 4.8million bottles in a few weeks and then it was time for Pepsi to move to a new product (Blue Hawaii). Apparently that's how it goes in Japan...

The next one comes from Nestle's Kit-Kat; Soy Sauce Kit-Kat!
I researched and asked about the taste but people do not think it tastes like soy sauce but like maple syrup. However, the taste is not the most important part of our focus; the variety of the product range is the key to success...

From yubari melon and baked corn from Hokkaido island to green beans and cherries from Tohoku in northeastern Japan to yuzu fruit and red potatoes from Kyushu island at the southern-most tip of the country...

That's Nestle's strategy set 3 years ago. And since Kit Kat is now number 1 amongst brand confectioneries in Japan, its success is obvious.

Strategy set by the client's marketing team is not sufficient on the way to success though. We should also mention the brand's agency in Japan; JWT Tokyo. They won the Media Grand Prix at 2009's Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival with “Kit Kat Mail”. The idea of this campaign is based on the brand name, as Kit Kat sounds in Japanese like “kitto katsu” (means ’sure I’ll win’). Thus Kit Kat Japan invented a special ‘postal parcel’ packaging with a postcard, where the address and a message can be filled. Consumers can send this ’sweet gift’ through postal mail. Delivery is free (actually it is included in the price of the bar already). Watch the case study below;

In a nutshell, Kit Kat Japan story is a great example for localization and shows clearly the importance of the synergy between the agency and the client marketing team.

Mar 4, 2010

Logo Gurus

Have you heard the name Gerard Huerta? Do you recognize the logo of ACDC? Ever wondered who created some of the most strongest logos in the world? I'm sure you did, but never researched. No worries logoblog did that for us :)
Click to read the whole list of graphic designers who created the logo of BP, Shell, ACDC, V&A, NBC, IBM...

Mar 2, 2010

2 Weeks 2 socialmedia worldforum

Only 2 weeks to go till one of the most influential and trend setting events of the social media and marketing world! Haven't you registered yet? Need more information? Then click.

Just click here to register for free! You still are not very late :)
15-16 March
Olympia, London

PS: If you need to have a wider pass (not free unfortunately) for the event check here.

Mar 1, 2010

Meet Dylan, the cat inside the Puma Phone

Great news for Puma admirers! Puma Phone is on the way. Only 33 days to go for its launch. Puma's agency, GBH London created lovely short viral movies for its new Puma phone's launch campaign. One of the films is "it is powered by the sun":

Click to check the web site.
And here's Puma phone's demonstration. Simple, fun and self explanatory.

Actually it looks so great, so do the viral campaign!